Affordable Housing Connections

…helps vulnerable individuals and families achieve housing and financial stability.

If you are facing eviction, please contact our office at 616-392-7159 or

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Safe, stable, and affordable housing is crucial for families working their way out of poverty. Through Affordable Housing Connections, Good Samaritan Ministries assists with both immediate and long-term housing solutions. Affordable Housing Connections helps vulnerable individuals and families achieve housing and financial stability by providing two main services:

Housing Assessment and Resource Team (HART)

Good Samaritan Ministries is the central intake point for anyone in Ottawa County who is experiencing a housing crisis. We provide a centralized approach to identify the most helpful resources for those facing homelessness.

HART provides:
  • Homelessness prevention assistance for those at imminent risk of homelessness
  • Housing search assistance for anyone seeking to secure stable, affordable housing
  • Rapid re-housing assistance for those currently homeless
  • Referral to shelter services or other housing assistance
  • Referral to other supportive services that can help to stabilize housing

Community Housing Partnership (CHP)

The Community Housing Partnership provides short-term rent assistance to homeless individuals and families in the community. Housing assistance is paired with case management, a housing plan, mentoring support, home maintenance education, and aftercare services.

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