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What is a Circle Leader?

A Circle Leader is a hard working but low-income member of the community who is motivated to change their life. They are called “Leaders” because they are responsible for deciding their own goals and for taking steps toward achieving them.

Common goals include:

  • Getting a job
  • Securing reliable transportation to get to work
  • Learning how to get promoted at work
  • Starting a business
  • Finding better housing
  • Budgeting and/or saving
  • Getting a driver’s license
  • Going back to school

Contact Lotefa Bartlett de Villarreal to learn more about becoming a Circle Leader  

What is a Circle Ally?

A Circle Ally is a volunteer who believes Circle Leaders can change their lives and achieve their goals. Circle Allies make a commitment to encourage Circle Leaders.

The best Allies are:

  • Positive
  • Patient
  • Good Listeners
  • Willing to learn about the struggles facing low-income families

Contact Lotefa Bartlett de Villarreal to learn more about becoming a Circle Ally  


How Else Can I get Involved?

    • You, your family, small group, or business can provide a meal for one of the Circles meetings
    • Volunteer in the Circles Youth program
    • Join a Resource Team to help connect the Circle Leaders with valuable community resources. Click here to learn more about our Resource Teams.
    • Be a guest speaker at a weekly meeting

Contact Lotefa Bartlett de Villarreal to Get Involved  



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