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What is a Circle Leader?

A Circle Leader is someone that is ready to take charge of pursuing their goals towards financial stability in a safe and encouraging environment. You will determine what a thriving life means to you and make a plan to get there. You are called a Circles Leader because your are responsible for deciding your own goals and for taking steps toward achieving them. A key Circles value is reciprocity: creating space for you to share your skills and wisdom with the community while also receiving support.

Common goals include:

    • Getting a better job
    • Going back to school
    • Securing reliable transportation
    • Learning how to get promoted at work
    • Starting a business
    • Budgeting and/or saving

A successful Leader:

    • Is ready to make changes in their life
    • Wants a Coach to help them figure out a plan and stick to it
    • Is open to building new relationships with people from different backgrounds
    • Wants to move beyond “just getting by”


Contact Diana Fonseca-Peña to learn more about becoming a Circle Leader  

What is a Circle Ally?

A Circle Ally is someone that wants to share their life, build lasting relationships with their neighbors, and is committed to walking alongside a Leader on their journey to thriving.

A successful Ally:

    • Wants to “do life” with someone that has a different lived experience
    • Desires to support individuals or families in achieving their goals
    • Is willing to learn about the struggles facing low-income families in West Michigan


Weekly Circles meetings:

    • Meetings are Tuesday 6-8 PM OR Saturday 10AM-12 PM; you only sign up for one day.
    • Arrive at Circles on time and get a plate food, grab a table, and eat family-style with the rest of the Circles community
    • Next, children (of both Leaders and Allies) head into youth programming. Nursery is available.
    • Adults start the meeting by sharing encouraging news from their week
    • The next hour is spent working on goals, learning from topic speakers, or practicing skills
    • Programming ends with everyone sharing and receiving an appreciation from another member of the group

How Else Can I get Involved?

    • Volunteer in the Circles Youth program. Contact Lisa Van Engen to learn more.
    • You, your family, small group, or business can provide a meal for one of the Circles meetings
    • Join a Resource Team to help connect the Circles Leaders with valuable community resources
    • Be a guest speaker at a weekly meeting


Contact Lotefa Bartlett de Villarreal to Get Involved  



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