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At Good Samaritan Ministries, we work to secure safe, affordable housing for those in our community with the most limited means. But with the lack of affordable housing units on the market – a true crisis for our most vulnerable neighbors – we recognized the need to devise a new approach to make more units available and affordable for everyone in our community.

Good Sam receives thousands of calls each year with housing requests, and provides ongoing supportive services to stabilize housing and create valued tenants. This experience in working with high-risk families positions us perfectly to partner with landlords that are willing to rent at affordable rates to tenants with particularly difficult barriers to overcome. With this expertise, and thanks to a 3-year grant from the Greater Ottawa County United Way, we launched GSM Properties, an enhanced, client-based approach to property management. GSM Properties will offer professional property management services to landlords while also focusing particular attention to the care of the tenants to ensure they are equipped and held accountable to thrive. By working with benevolent landlords in this way, we work toward our goal to increase housing stock and reduce evictions and turnover.

We are excited to welcome Maria DeLeon as our Property Manager. Maria spent 13 years in private, for-profit property management, and is passionate about providing tenants the resources, education, and relationships they need to succeed – a real game-changer for landlords! We are also partnering with BVW, a for-profit property management company, for support as we launch the program.

We are excited about this new opportunity, and look forward to crafting partnerships with landlords, churches, and agencies to close the gap in the availability of affordable housing for all!