Third Coast Homes

Third Coast Homes is a new partnership formed between Good Samaritan Ministries and Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity. It joins the larger community strategy around affordable housing and begins the hands-on work needed to provide a variety of housing options for the greater Holland community. Both organizations have been on the front lines of addressing our community’s housing challenges and each brings unique capabilities to the partnership.

Third Coast Homes offers a new framework of thinking around the development of affordable and mixed-income housing developments. It is not just about more roofs, it is about a more effective and financially responsible approach to breaking the cycle of poverty, to which unaffordable housing is a major contributor. The benefits of this approach are far reaching.

The first initiative of Third Coast Homes is an affordable, four-unit micro-community in Holland Charter Township, just outside the city of Zeeland. Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity and Good Samaritan Ministries are co-developers and owners, with Good Samaritan Ministries serving as the manager of property and provider of supportive services to ensure the success of the project. Click here to see photos from the State Street groundbreaking!

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If you have further questions or would like to be involved in the project, please contact Linda Jacobs, 616-392-7159 ext. 112.


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