Who We Are

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Lasting change happens when we empower people to work their way out of poverty. At Good Samaritan Ministries, we are learners who study the causes of poverty and its effects on individuals, families, and our community. We use that knowledge to continually innovate new ways to accomplish our mission of finding solutions to poverty and homelessness. We base our tactics on our own history of success and on national best practices, brought locally and customized for our community.

Since 1969, we have been an effective community partner and collaborate with businesses, local governments, faith-based organizations and other non-profits. We know that community decisions are better made together, so we leverage community resources and expertise to provide the most effective response to specific needs.

Our vision is a healthy, engaged, and compassionate community.

Our mission is to end poverty and homelessness. We do this by mobilizing faith-based and community partners, activating individual and community assets, and meeting immediate needs in our community.